Since its formation by Mayor Ghassali in April of last year, the MEDC has focused on developing a strategic proactive approach to the issues facing Montvale in its corporate real estate market. The committee has set several priorities based upon consultation with the Mayor and Town Council and interactions to date with a select group of current Montvale corporate partners:

  1. On-site meetings with the senior management of existing corporate entities located in Montvale. In addition to an introduction of the Mayor and the Committee to the entity, the sessions are designed to extract useful feedback including reasons as to why the company came to and remains in Montvale, any concerns it may have with respect to remaining long term in Montvale, and potential solutions and/or follow-up actions to be undertaken to meet these corporate resident’s needs.
  1. Development of marketing tools and strategies to provide relevant information to potential new corporate partners as to what Montvale has to offer. This includes a web site, marketing materials such as a detailed “pitch-book” and flyers, and communications via various social media platforms.
  1. Coordination with county and state entities which can assist in the retention and recruitment of corporate partners. Partnering with entities with similar goals such as the Chamber of Commerce to further extend the Committees reach and meet the needs of existing corporate partners.
  1. Work closely with new corporate arrivals in town to assist in their transition and ensure their employees are quickly exposed to all that Montvale has to offer in terms of public and private services.

With respect to the goals outlined above the Committee has completed the following to date:

  • Meetings with nine major existing corporate tenants.
  • Development of a live website (
  • Ongoing meetings with County of Bergen Economic Development personnel.
  • Ongoing coordination with the Montvale Chamber of Commerce.
  • Initial (July) and year-end (December) presentations to the Mayor and Town Council which outlined the MEDC’s proposed strategic approach, activities and plans.
  • Attendance and visitors table at the Montvale Street Fair and preparation of a flyer to hand out

to interested parties.

  • Attendance at the Flight Centre USA ribbon cutting ceremony and meet and greet with their employees.

Planned Activities for 2017:

  • Continued development and upgrade of the website.
  • Preparation of literature outlining state and regional economic incentives in coordination with Bergen County MEDC personnel. This content will be included on the website and in all marketing material.
  • Creation of incremental social media outlets for the ongoing marketing of the “Montvale Brand” including YouTube videos and a FaceBook page.
  • Development of a networking strategy that takes advantage of contacts and resources at the county and state level that could be beneficial to Montvale’s recruitment of new corporate tenants.
  • Creation and implementation of a strategy and program pursuant to which the arrival and opening of the Memorial Sloan Ketering complex is leveraged effectively to attract medical related providers and services.
  • Continued meetings with the existing corporate tenants of Montvale in coordination with the Montvale Chamber of Commerce.

As it proceeds with its mandate the MEDC would like to maximize input and assistance from any current resident of Montvale with ideas, business contacts and industry knowledge that can be helpful in the retention and recruitment of corporate partners. In particular assistance from any individual with public relations experience or who owns/manages a public relations firm would be highly valued by the committee. Please reach out to any of the members listed below and/or use the MEDC’s phone number (201-391-5700 Ext. 232).



Montvale EDC

Raffi Joukhadarian – Chairman

John Ryan – Vice Chairman

Sal Rozzi

David Laquidara

Louis Hendi

Patricia Stith